Let's Get Personal! 

Hi, I'm Caryn Garabette. 

Over the past 20 years I have worked in design across luxury, premium and small business brands and have created a portfolio of international clients and companies, stretching as far as California, the UK and Australia. 

I've recently partnered with the amazing Caroline Krog. 
Caro has been in the fashion industry for 28 years and has a passion for local South African brands who are exciting, innovative, eco-friendly and fun! Just like @garabettemonogramcollection!

We all know South Africa is full of amazing talent and opportunity and Caro loves being a part of that!

We have also just teamed up with an incredible South African manufacturer who is local and lekker! We are super excited to be working with this incredible team and look forward to bringing you amazing quality products, new designs and more beautiful monograms!

Garabette Monogram Collection is a proudly South African brand striving for more ethical and sustainable business practices. It is so important to us that we do our bit for change by supporting local businesses and communities as well as women’s empowerment programs. We also love how our environmentally friendly eco-felt products are made out of recycled plastic bottles. With each eco-felt piece we are keeping more plastic from polluting our beautiful Earth. Garabette Monogram Collection transforms everyday simplicity into something special! 

Who doesn't want to have their initials proudly displayed on their everyday luxury items? Reese Witherspoon says: "My sheets are monogrammed, so is my silverware and pretty much everything else I own. My rule is, if it's not moving -- monogram it!"