How long will it take to receive my Garabette Monogram Collection piece?

We aim to deliver within 2 weeks. Some made to order items take longer but most products will actually be shipped within a week. If something is for a specific date please email lauren@garabette.com to ensure that you will receive it on time. Each piece is individually finished so please do allow time for us to personalise and deliver.

Why is shipping not included?

We have not updated the price on our eco-felt products in the 2 years the company has been running. Unfortunately with petrol prices increasing we have had to increase the shipping costs. Rest assured we do not make money on shipping, it all goes to the shipping company! 

How do I care for my Eco-Felt products?
Our Eco-Felt Products are made out of recycled plastic bottles.  These plastic bottles, destined for landfills or our beautiful ocean are turned into beautiful everyday products. There are approximately 15 recycled bottles per m2 recycled felt. Please note that felt colours may vary between batches and that the lighting in photographs do not always represent the colour 100% accurately.

While we strive for perfection, it is important to understand that each eco-felt bag is made by local seamstresses in Cape Town. The leather work and rope work are also done by hand in Cape Town by local artisans. With this in mind, each item is completely unique. Not only will your purchase be personalised with your choice of monogram, each piece of leather or rope work is hand made creating a ‘one of a kind’ piece.

To care for your felt: After time and frequent use felt may pill. As soon as you see pilling starting to occur, if you cover your bag with a pillow case and apply heat with an iron you will see that the fibres will start to reform. If you have passed this pilling stage, you can use a BIC razor a lint remover. (e.g.https://www.dischem.co.za/dquip-lint-remover-rsgxt01-battery-513)

As soon as you see a dirty mark, wipe with a damp cloth.  Don’t rub too hard as you will cause pilling. I have removed red wine from a light grey bag by dabbing with sunlight liquid and water.
Please note that the black felts make up seems to pill more easily than other colour felts and the black felt is not recommended for everyday frequent use. 

Leather is a natural material with varying textures and patterns, each piece will be unique in shade with its own natural markings.

To care for your leather: As soon as you see a dirty mark, wipe with a damp cloth. For stubborn marks use a leather cleaner as directed and treat with a leather conditioner. Avoid direct sunlight as colour can fade.


If you notice any wrinkling on your monogram you can cover with a pillow case and apply heat with an iron. You should be able to iron the monogram smooth again, 

Cotton Canvas Bags

I would recommend touch cleaning but I have washed my clutch bags as testers on a delicate cool cycle with arial liquid and then ironed them and they have come out good as new.